Ark& Co Jumpsuit and Body Positivity

I tend to be a little self-conscious of my curves at times.  I’ll play the “oh, I won’t look good in that” game almost every time I see something low-necked or form fitting. I’m very petite and curvy, so when clothes often don’t fit off the rack there’s definitely an urge to feel defective.  I go back and forth between loving my body and feeling … Continue reading Ark& Co Jumpsuit and Body Positivity

Dreamy Photoshoot with catsinmycloset

The beautiful  catsinmycloset did a little impromptu shoot with me in Charleston’s Hampton Park and y’all, she made me feel like a beautiful power goddess in these photos!   This look is giving me some major “goth princess goes cooperate ” vibes.  I love taking classic pieces and giving them a fresh, eclectic twist. I’m all about adding a little quirk and fun to an … Continue reading Dreamy Photoshoot with catsinmycloset